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iPhone Storyboarding Template

Summary: A blank template for sketching and working out your iPhone interface ideas. Print off as many as you need (on "US Letter" or A4 paper) and use them to capture and refine your UI designs.
Download: iphone-storyboard-template-9up.pdf

Storyboarding is useful for quickly trying out many interface ideas. Ideally, you'll be able be identify and refine the good ideas, and won't spend too much time implementing the bad ones.

I could only find high-fidelity interface templates online, which weren't rough enough for storyboarding, so I made my own.

The dotted lines in the background indicate the height of the status bar (20px) and the navigation bar (44px). If you're not using the status or navigation bar in your app, they're easy to ignore.

The file is a PDF with plenty of whitespace which should fit on both US Letter and A4 paper sizes.

Bonus! I'm not an egomaniac so there is no text, or annoying credits that get printed out with the template – it's completely blank. If you like it, drop a link back to this page from your blog, twitter, facebook, delicious, stumbleupon, etc.

iPhone Layout Template 9-Up (PDF)

If you have any feedback or suggestions, drop a note in the comment box.

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